Marketing Information

Contact Details

Please organise your own Box Office and Enquiries numbers. Our phone lines are unmanned most days, and therefore must not be included in any promotional material.

Overprint Detail
The Abbey Theatre, Pool Bank Street, Nuneaton, CV11 5DB


Please use the venue logo on all promotional material.
Do not distort, crop or change the colour or appearance of the logo in any way.

To download our current Logo along with colour variations – please see the links below:

Theatre Season Brochure

Our seasonal brochure is made up of A5 pages. All user groups will be provided with the opportunity to be listed in our brochure on a basic listing, with the option to upgrade. We have detailed below the type of Advertisement you will be entitled to along with the detail and cost of the upgrades available. To ensure that you benefit as much as possible from this promotional offer, it is essential that you provide all the required information about your event, along with any graphics as soon as possible, via the Event Information Form. You will be notified of our print deadlines at the time of booking. The Marketing team will send ONE courtesy reminder in advance of the deadline, after which we will be unable to make any changes. You will also be invited our Marketing Group on Facebook to allow you to accept the DRAFT copy prior to final approval. Our brochure is displayed within the Theatre, within a number of Local Businesses, and is also delivered to households within the borough.

  • Events of up to 3 performances qualify for one half-page insertion free of charge
  • Events of 4 or more performances qualify for one full page insertion free of charge.
  • Upgrade from half to full page will cost the hirer £100 per brochure
  • Upgrade from one page to double-page spread will cost the hirer £100 per brochure.

Additional premium placement MAY be available – these will be publicised when brochure copy is requested.

Printed Posters/ DL Leaflets

It is the hirer’s responsibility to provide (at their cost) adequate posters, DL flyers and digital graphics for display on site at the theatre.

Please note that the provision of marketing material does not constitute an agreement on our part to display said material. At all times the use, placement and layout of marketing materials remains under the discretion and control of the Nuneaton Arts CIO (NACIO). We endeavour to ensure that every event at the Theatre gets as much exposure as possible, but it is not possible to guarantee this and no refunds can be offered for materials printed or produced but not used.

Hirer’s are asked not to add or change any materials on display without prior consultation with a committee member and are requested to ensure any representatives or members of their organisation adhere to the same courtesy.

Please deliver all print to: The Abbey Theatre, Pool Bank Street, Nuneaton, CV11 5DB Marked for the attention of the Marketing Team.

It would be appreciated if all print deliveries could be made when the venue is staffed (see What’s On guide).

Due to the number of events currently held at the venue, we have to limit the number of leaflets we can accept for each show, based on the length of the booking. Please see a guideline below which details the number of promotional material we recommend that you provide us. 

1-2 Night(s)3+ Night(s)
2 x A1 Poster
5 x A3 Posters
500 x DL Leaflets
1 x Roller Banner (850 x 2000 mm)
2 x A1 Posters
5 x A3 Posters
1000 x DL Leaflets

Digital Posters

The NACIO operates two distinct digital marketing aids.

In our main foyer/bar we can display event advertisements (up to 14 seconds max) for each forthcoming event, as long as suitable hi-res graphics files are provided by the hirer. These video clips will be created by the NACIO. Alternatively the hirer may provide the video file as per the format listed in the Image Guidance below.

In our outer foyer we can display a pre-formatted static poster design providing the hirer has supplied a suitable hi-res file as per the Image Guidance below.

Website Images

The NACIO lists all events on our websites What’s On page. To ensure that your images are displayed correctly, and the the best quality we ask that you provide a Landscape Image for your event. Details of the format and size can be found below in the Image Guidance section. These images will also be used if you use our Free Online Box Office system.

Image Guidance

Please refer to the table below for guidance on the image format, size and quality. Whilst this is only provided for guidance, we recommend that all user groups do their best to match these formats to ensure that all promotional material displayed in the Abbey Theatre is to a good standard.

Please Note – For season brochure use, you must provide either complete advertisements to the requirements below, or provide Hi-Resolution graphics for the NACIO Marketing Team to build one on your behalf. All images that are of poor quality will be rejected.

PurposeFormatSize / ResolutionFile TypeDPI (Dots per inch)
Foyer / Bar Advertisement (Screen)Landscape Video (<15 secs) or Image1920 x 1080 pixels (2.1 Megapixels)Video
MP4 / Image – PNG, JPG or PDF
Lobby (Screen)Portrait Image1080 x 1920 pixels (2.1 Megapixels)Image
Brochure – Half PageLogos / images & ~150 words for NAC useImage
Brochure – Single PagePortrait ImageA5 – 1748 x 2480 pixelsImage
Brochure – Double PageLandscape ImageA4 – 3805 x 2480 pixelsImage
Website BannerLandscape Image1920 x 1080 pixels (2.1 Megapixels)Image

Marketing Activity

Venue marketing activity as per your hire:
Listings on venue website
Email Inclusion – Month of your show
Inclusion on in house screens and venue brochure
Social Media – standard “coming soon” posts, we will also share any public posts made by groups

Social media channels:

Twitter @abbeynuneaton