Scenery & Props

Stage backcloths.

The standard at the theatre is for either a white cyclorama (cyc) or black tabs at the rear of the stage. Either/both of these options are inclusive of the hire charges for stage users. In addition, we have a set of intermediate black tabs approx 6 feet from the front of the main stage, 3 black wing curtains (legs) at each side and the main red velvet house tabs (also included).

There are also two gauzes available (at approx 8.5m wide by 4.8m high), one white, one black. These are not subject to a hire fee for users of the Abbey Theatre. Both are also available for hire to external groups/theatres.

Additional backcloths may be hired by user groups as required from outside companies such as Border Studios or Proscenium, but BE AWARE that many commercial cloths tend to be much larger than our stage can easily cater for. Please consult a member of the regular theatre tech crew before ordering cloths or scenery.

Click on thumbnail for a basic picture or the link on the menu for larger picture and further detail.

Arabian Market
27′ 6″ x 15′ 8″
(8.36 x 4.75m)AP001
Ballroom 1
25′ x 15′ 9″
(7.61 x 4.79m)AP002
Ballroom 2
25’2″ x 15’8″
(7.63 x 4.81m)AP003
City Skyline
24′ 4″ x 13′ 7″
(7.42 x 4.12m)AP004
Cloudy Meadow
29′ 6″ x 15′ 3″
(8.93 x 4.61m)RT001
Desert Island
29′ 2″ x 15′ 6″
(8.87 x 4.71m)AP005
Eerie Trees
26′ 8″ x 16′ 9″
(8.12 x 5.11 m)AP006
(8.5 x 4.8m)AP007
26′ 10″ x 16′ 4″
(8.09 x 4.94m)AP008
Ice Cave
29′ x 15′ 1″
(8.87 x 4.60m)AP009
24′ 5″ x 15′ 8″
(7.46 x 4.75m)AP010
Lakeside Forest
24′ 8″ x 15′ 7″
(7.45 x 4.73)AP011
London Docks
29′ 5″ x 15′ 8″
(8.93 x 4.77m)AP012
Pirate Ship Silhouette
29′ 9″ x 15′ 7″
(9.13 x 4.66m)AP013
Skirting Board Cut
29′ 1″ x 15′ 6″
(8.87 x 4.73m)PR001
School Room
24′ 5″ x 15′ 8″
(7.44 x 4.75m)AP014
26′ 7″ x 16′ 4″
(8.14 x 4.95m)AP015
Village Square
27′ 10″ x 15′ 7″
(8.45 x 4.73m)AP016
Desert Scene
Approx 27′ x 15’6″RT002
 Annie Office
(8.5 x 4.8m)RT003
Giants Chair
(8.5 x 4.8m)AP017
50’s Diner (Grease)
(8.5 x 4.8m)RT004
Palm Tree Shore
(8.5 x 4.8m)RT005
Village Castle
(8.5 x 4.8m)AP018
Throne Room
(8.5 x 4.8m)AP019
Alice Forest
(8.5 x 4.8m)RT006
Belly of Whale
(8.5 x 4.8m)PR002
Georgian Columns
(8.5 x 4.8m)RT007

Photographs have been taken immediately after hanging with only nominal stage lighting, so colours WILL vary according to individual lighting states. Also bear in mind no weight in bottom pockets, so creases WILL hang out.

Most cloths belong to companies resident at the Abbey Theatre, but can be hired to companies within or outside of the venue.
Proceeds of any hire to be split between the owners and Nuneaton Arts Council if booked via the NAC.
To enquire about any backcloth seen here, e-mail us at