Technical Information


Our approximate stage dimensions are as follows:

  • Proscenium Arch : 25ft wide
  • Stage (WxHxD): 25ft x 15.7ft x 18ft (with additional 4ft via Thrusts in front of prosc arch)
  • Wing Space: 5ft both sides

We have 3 Fly Bars capable of hanging rolled clothes. 2 Tab Tracks and 3 Swipe Tracks.



The theatre lighting is controlled by an ETC Ion, capable of running any show that comes into the venue, and can handle static and intelligent (moving) luminaries and LED fixtures with ease.

For small scale events in the upstairs room, we have a Strand 200 12/24 desk, which is also available for use by schools and other outside events.

The desk powers a mixture of dimmers, comprising one 24-channel Strand Permus, eleven 12-channel ETC Smart Racks and four Zero 88 Betapacks (portable 6-way units). A number of small 4-way portable dimmer packs are available for feeding specials and other channels as needed.


There is a DMX network fed via the control room which allows any of the three DMX universe feeds from the desk to be fed around the theatre.

The standard lantern rig comprises mainly Strand and ETC equipment. Our Robert Juliat Marius follow spots were chosen for their ease of use and power to cut through even the brightest stage lighting rig.


The theatre sound is controlled by a Midas Pro II console, capable of running any show – whether it large or small.