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June 24, 2023 3:00 pm
The Courtyard at the Abbey Theatre

Since forming in 2016, Daisybell have been making waves on the local and national folk scene, delivering performances of passion, wit and raw emotion at clubs from Minehead to Gateshead, Worcester to Sheffield, releasing an EP and a video, fitting in a couple of live radio appearances and drawing acclaim for their “Sing Like A Daisybell” vocal workshops.  To date, the trio have appeared at festivals in Warwick, Broadstairs, Moira, Lichfield, Bromyard, Alcester, Bedworth, Shrewsbury and more. Lauded for their songwriting, harmonies and engaging stage presence, they've also been part of the cast of acclaimed Folk Opera "The Undoing of Polly Button", which was written by Katherine Fear and has been performed in Nuneaton, Coventry, Warwick and Lichfield so far

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