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Abbey Players present “Sleeping Beauty”

December 7, 2022 7:30 pm
Abbey Theatre

We’re back. Louder and funnier than ever!

In the traditional story, the newborn baby of King Basil and the Queen Lady Myrtle, Princess Aurora is cursed to die by the evil witch Poison Ivy when the witch is not invited to the christening.

In an attempt to prevent this, Princess Aurora is sent in to the woods to grow up, being looked after by Nurse Penny Cillin and the court jester, Sniffles.
With the help of two henchmen, Duck and Dive, Poison Ivy searches for Aurora.

The good fairies, Rose, Violet and Daisy do all they can to prevent this happening and even when Aurora falls in to a deep sleep they search for Prince Valiant and his aide, Mario to break the spell.

Packed full of song, dance and slapstick comedy this is the perfect start to the Christmas season for children of ALL ages from 5 to 85.

“Oh NO it isn’t, oh YES it is!!”

The Abbey Players adhere to the Abbey Theatre’s Minimum Age Policy.
Children under 3 are not admitted as they may cause disruption to other theatre users. A ticket is required for every person entering the theatre.

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