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Abbey Players present “Aladdin”

December 13, 2023 7:30 pm
Abbey Theatre

We’re back. Louder and funnier than ever!

Expect lots of laughter in this re-telling of the popular story.

In Egypt, Abanazer learns of the existence of a magical lamp that will make all of his wishes come true. But in order to obtain it he needs the help of Aladdin a young poor boy who lives in China.

In Peking, Aladdin disobeys the law and watches the Princess Mandarin who he falls in love with, but because of breaking the law he is sentenced to die.

Once Aladdin retrieves the lamp he is able to ask for Princess Mandarin’s hand in marriage but Abanazer steals the lamp and kidnaps Princess Mandarin.

Packed full of song, dance and slapstick comedy this is the perfect start to the Christmas season for children of ALL ages from 5 to 85. 

“Oh NO it isn’t, oh YES it is!!”

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